Ayako Hirayama

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All kids are enjoying to drawings and paintings.but someday They enjoy another things and stop to artworks.

My life didn't stop that. It's now and forever too. 

【Biography 】

1982: born in Tokyo

2001: Graduated Tokyo Kougei High School_major subject " Graphic Arts"

2001-2002: Studied Soukei Art School _major subject "Fine Arts"

2016-Now: Admission and Study Kyoto Zoukei Geizyutsu University_major subject "Arts"

I have drawn paintings while doing the work of designing,Illustrations and furniture repair so far.


【Art Competition】

ArtsFest 2015 Council of Martin County 3rd

SekaiKaigaTaisyo 2015 winning

MadGalleryMilano Biennial 2017


【Group Exhibition】

2006:In Tokyo Japan

2016:In Saitama Japan 「上福岡 Art Gallery Blanc]

2017:Tokyo Japan「江戸川橋 Gallery NIW

2018:Tokyo Japan「江戸川橋 Gallery NIW