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Aya Hirayama

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Aya Hirayama was born in 1982 in Tokyo, Japan.
She was influenced by her grandfather, a designer for Shiseido, and began drawing at an early age.
She went on to study fine arts from high school, and after graduation studied oil painting and printmaking. Currently, she paints her works using oil pastels.


Graduated: Kogei High School of Graphic Arts

self-taught artist since 2001


【Art Competition】

ArtsFest 2015 Council of Martin County 3rd

SekaiKaigaTaisyo 2015 winning

MadGalleryMilano Biennial 2017


【Group Exhibition】

2016:In Saitama Japan 「上福岡 Art Gallery Blanc]

2017:Tokyo Japan「江戸川橋 Gallery NIW

2018:Tokyo Japan「江戸川橋 Gallery NIW

2020-2021:VR  exhibition 「STYLY

2022: MINI art exhibition「水道橋 gallery2511」